Inca Treks Operators in Cusco

Published on: 20 de June de 2018 -

Inca Trail Operators in Cusco

Since 2016, we have organized tours and expeditions within the Inca Trail network to reach Machu Picchu through Inti Punku.

As official operators of the Inca trail four days and Inca trail two days, we have all the documentation to provide the services required by the Peruvian government. We are working together with Patacancha, Lares Valley communities, and Ausangate.

Inca Trail History

The Inca Trails in ancient Inca times were to facilitate a good communication and trade business, and administration controls travel of their vast Inca Empire; the Incas built a network of roads that united the Inca states. The trails did construct by removing land to open roadways, overcoming and difficulties confronted by geography, making the Incas considered them the shortest distances from one point to another. The roadbeds did cover with crushed rock.

What included lateral canals in the construction to drain rainwater, avoid erosion, and form mud deposits. There were guard’s posts and rest stops at significant distances at which lodging and supplies would be hard. Francisco Jerez, the conqueror’s historian, wrote of his surprise at the straightness of the roads, the solidness of the Inca roadbeds, the extraordinary hanging bridges that crossed rivers, the well-planned locations of the rest stops, and the actual construction of the roads according to their functions.

For example, the trails used by messengers “Chasquis” people who carried urgent messages were steep and narrows trails. Those employed by dignitaries, their families, and entourages were wide enough for ten people side by side, and trees shaded all paths.

Inca Trail 104 KM

Two days Peru Inca Trail is well known as the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The adventure begins from the Km 104 of the railway line (shortly before reaching Aguas Calientes and crossing a bridge). The Inca trail cuts off towards the Inca site of Wiñaywayna. This path is shorter than the main one and climbs a stone stairway to link to the last section of the old trail.

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