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Huayna Picchu, in English, means “young mountain” and is located north of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. The mountain appears behind the lost city and is an integral part of this great historical monument that we know as Machu Picchu, and we can see it in most of the graphics and photographs of Machu Picchu. Its highest point is 2700 meters, allowing splendid views of Machu Picchu and other nearby mountains.

Huayna Picchu Although the climb is a bit dangerous and exhausting, reaching these ruins in less than an hour is possible. This mountain offers some beautiful Inca ruins. You will be amazed by the determination and design engineering skills the Incas had when they saw the slopes they had to overcome to complete this construction. This walk must happen done by anyone who is in good physical condition.

When you finally reach the top of Huayna Picchu, you will feel the true magic of the ancient Inca civilization that fills this space and enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of Machu Picchu. Since July 2011, what included an extra payment to make this excursion; if you want to go up to Huayna Picchu, you will have to pay approx. $ 60 if you arrive at Machu Picchu through the Inca Trail. $ 12 if you arrive at Machu Picchu by train or other routes (like the Salkantay or others). You can buy this ticket with your local travel agent (recommended) or online: www.Machupicchu.gob.pe. Please do not forget to book this special ticket for Huayna Picchu when booking your trip or excursion to Machu Picchu! There are only 400 spaces available each day for promotion between 7:00 am and 10:00 am. If you are fond of photography, the breathtaking view of Machu Picchu from the top of Huayna Picchu will allow you to take a picture of your life.

The Incas used Huayna Picchu to build several complexes, such as the impressive Temple of the Moon at the mountain’s back. The Incas also made the summit of Huayna Picchu a series of small terraces and some buildings. These buildings could form part of an astronomical observatory. Still, they would also have served as a point of guardians of the citadel because, from this point. You will be able to see all of Machu Picchu, Inti Punku, and the roads that lead to the town.

The Temple of the Moon “Huayna Picchu”

This archaeological site has one of the most beautiful Inca constructions inside a cave, in which they perfectly intertwined stones finely polished, leaving not one millimeter between their joints. This structure has beautiful vaulted caves and trapezoidal voids typical of the Inca constructions; in front of the cave, a stone carved in an altar makes us suppose this was a place for sacrifices.

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