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How to get to the city of Cusco


Peru does locate on the west-central coast of South America, with an area of 1’285.215 km² and 28 million inhabitants.

The traditional way to reach Peru is by air to Lima. Another traditional way is to arrive by land via the border points with Chile (via Tacna), Ecuador (via Tumbes), and Bolivia (via Desaguadero – Puno).

Regional flights with other South American cities arrive at Cusco, Arequipa, Tacna, and Iquitos.

International Flights to Peru:

International airlines operate scheduled flights to Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima.

  • There are direct flights to Lima, Peru, from New York, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and Toronto.
  • From Europe, there are direct flights to Lima from Madrid and Amsterdam.
  • Flights from Asia or Oceania to Peru need a connection to the USA or Europe.
  • There are direct flights to Lima, Peru, from the main cities of Latin America, such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Bogotá, Quito, Guayaquil, La Paz, Panama, Mexico, San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • The Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima is the main arrival point of international flights and is the primary connection for local flights.


The traditional way to reach Cusco is by air.

Cusco does connect by important roads that communicate it with the main cities of the south of Peru and Lima.

Domestic flights to Cusco:

There are regular daily flights from Cusco airport/to Lima (approximate flight time, 55 minutes). Regular flights to/from Arequipa, Juliaca (Puno – Lake Titicaca), and Puerto Maldonado (Tambopata). There are also flighting Cusco – La Paz, Bolivia.

The Airport of Cusco (CUZ) is the Airport Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete.

If you need to book a Domestic or Domestic flight to Cusco, click here.

Domestic flights from/to the city of Cusco

Bus Station  to Cusco:

Important highways connect Cusco with the main cities of the south of Peru that communicate with Lima – Nazca, Arequipa and Puno, and Puerto Maldonado.

From Cusco, there are train services to Machu Picchu and Puno.

  • Highway Lima / Nazca / Cusco: Lima – Nazca route 460 Km. (286 miles) along the Panamerican Highway and connection to the highway – Abancay – Cusco 705 Km. (438 miles) – approx. 19 hours by bus.
  • Highway or Train Cusco / Puno – Lake Titicaca: Cusco – Juliaca route 345 Km. (214.4 miles); Juliaca – Puno route 44 Km. (27.3 miles); The highest point of this road is 4,313 m.s. (14,150 ft) – approx. 7 hours by bus. From Puno, you can continue the road to Desaguadero until the border with Bolivia.
  • Highway Cusco / Arequipa: Passing through Juliaca, 625 Km. (388 miles) – 10 hours approx. By bus From the city of Arequipa, it connects with Tacna and the border point with Chile (Arica)

Communication services in Cusco

Cusco has modern communication services, such as telephone, mail, cable TV, fax, Internet connections, and courier service.

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