Birdwatching in Cusco, important Sites

Cusco is a true paradise full of species in unique habitats. Migratory birds that arrive from the remotest places make Cusco count on a diversity of species that the world’s ornithologists appreciate.

The lagoon of Huacarpay in Lucre near Cusco is a special place to sight the region’s main species.

Between Ollantaytambo and Quillabamba is the open Malaga, known by ornithologists of Peru and the world as a pivotal place to observe birds. It is also possible to enjoy the climate and the fantasy of the cloud forest, the trees Of bamboo, and the beautiful and strange birds in the woods, becoming more and more tropical as one approaches Quillabamba.

The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, particularly the forests bordering both shores of the Urubamba River below the citadel of Machu Picchu, are the habitats of a wide variety of bird species. The area also features brightly colored orchids and tree ferns, considered treasures of the sanctuary.

The Tambopata National Reserve and the Manu National Park are privileged areas that shelter a great diversity of species of fauna and flora; therefore, they are select destinations for lovers of birds.

To make the trip, you should contact a specialized tourism agency.

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