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Andahuaylillas, Location, Festivities and Gastronomy

Discover its colonial architecture

39 km from the city of Cusco is Andahuaylillas, founded in 1572 by the viceroy Francisco de Toledo. The beauty of its colonial architecture can be appreciated today. One of its foremost exponents is the temple of St. Peter the Apostle, also known as the “Sistine Chapel of America.” It is in front of the charming square, paved in checkerboard form, and framed by pisonay trees.

ANDAHUAYLILLAS Location, distance, altitude, climate

It does locate in the Department of Cusco, Province of Quispicanchi, District of Andahuaylillas. 36 km from the city of Cusco and 45 minutes approx. Traveling by bus The town of Andahuaylillas is 3150 meters above sea level, and because of this, it has a max. Of 20.9ºC and min. Up to 0 ° C.

Attractive Principal

Temple of St. Peter the Apostle. Its architectural design is classic of the colonial churches of the southern Andean but stands out among them for the beauty of its mural painting. The murals that decorate the frontispiece and many other temple areas were painted in the seventeenth century to teach the natives the dogmas of the Christian faith through their illustrations. Another attraction is the Mudejar coffered ceiling covering the ceiling of the clergy, which worked in polychrome wood and gold leaf. Next to the one of the Company of Jesus, San Juan Bautista de Huaro, and the chapel of the Virgin of the Candelaria of Canicunca, this temple forms part of the Andean Baroque Route.
Nearby attractions between Andahuaylillas and Cusco:

Humedal de Lucre – Huacarpay. Located at 3,020 meters above sea level and just 7.9 km from Andahuaylillas (10 minutes), it is one of the essential ecosystems in Cusco due to its diverse fauna that holds up to 120 species of birds (among residents, migratory and occasional) that can observe that during most of the year.

Pikillacta. A few minutes from the Wetland of Lucre, this pre-Inca citadel of the Wari culture is located, whose apogee took place between the years 800 and 1100 d.C., and surprising by its urban planning.

Archaeological Complex of Tipón It is a marvel of Inca hydraulic engineering that lies 19.5 km from Andahuaylillas. It comprises twelve terraces flanked by perfectly polished stone walls, terraces, canals, and ornamental waterfalls that offer an impressive landscape with the flora of the place.

Traditional Cuisine:

  • Baked Cuy: served with golden potatoes and rocoto relleno.
  • Fried trout: served with golden potatoes.
  • Tarpuy Uchu: served with quinoa, guinea pig, squash, and tarwi, among other varieties.


  • Visit the Qewar craft shop-shop
  • (Cloth dolls).
  • Visit the silver workshops & walk through the streets of the village
  • Visit the San Pedro Apóstol Temple and local products store.
  • Visit the Qori Roccoco barn (dairy products).
  • Visit the bakery Virgen del Carmen (bread and sandwiches based on corn)


  • Easter (March – April, movable) Catholic rituals commemorate the Passion of Christ.
  • San Isidro Labrador (May 15). It celebrates the farmers’ patronage and represents the Chuwi Tarpuy or the blessing of the chuwi seeds.
  • Feast of the Lord of Qoyllurit’í (May – June, movable). It takes place the previous Tuesday in Corpus Christi. On that day, the dancers of the Qapaq Qolla de Andahuaylillas comparsa, one of the most representative, bid farewell to their families in the atrium of the temple of St. Peter the Apostle and begin a pilgrimage to the snowy Quelque Punku to worship the image that is on its slope.
  • St. Peter and St. Paul (June 29). The town’s feast includes a mass followed by the “Corpus de Andahuaylillas,” an impressive procession with more than forty images.
  • Virgin of the Rosary (October 7). It pays homage to the patroness of Andahuaylillas.
  • Anniversary of creating the district of Andahuaylillas (December 19), civic and folkloric parades do hold, involving both local authorities and residents.

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