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Adventure lovers will find the Andes of Cusco the ideal place for trekking, camping, and climbing mountains. Peru’s highlands fill with over 15,000 lakes, snow-capped mountains over 6,000 meters high, the world’s deepest canyons, rural valleys, and picturesque villages. The Andean Cordillera del Cusco offers unprecedented rafting opportunities, magnificent mountain biking routes, and strong winds on mountain cliffs for hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts.

In the city of Cusco, you will find experienced guides who will advise you and allow you the safe practice of the sport of your choice. They can also provide you with all the necessary equipment and logistics.


Urubamba River, its torrential waters (Level I and II), especially between December and April, runs among the most spectacular landscapes in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, amidst places that fuse the millennial of the Incas and The purest excitement of adventure. It is possible to carry out tours for up to two days. It has sections for inexperienced people who offer little difficulty, are always advised to assist expert guides, and provide all the necessary equipment for their safe and exciting practice.
Recommended sections are:

  • Huambutío – Písac
  • Calca – Urubamba (Huarán)
  • Ollantaytambo – Chilca. (Stretch that can be combined with the Inca Trail)
    • The recommended season for canoeing on rafts or kayaks is May to October.
    • The months of July and August can significantly reduce the flow.
    • December to April corresponds to the rainy season, which offers incredible difficulty.

The canoeing on this river is reserved only for the most experienced and has rapids of classes I, II, III, and IV. It is one of the best scenarios, which attracts athletes from all over the world. The Apurimac River is the Andean origin of the Amazon River; its channel is narrow and deep, forming one of the deepest depressions in America, with massive cliffs.

From the city of Cusco, you can hire the services of guides, who provide you with all the necessary equipment, logistics, and ground transportation. This adventure requires a minimum of three days, and you can take tours for up to 5 days for the waters of the Apurimac.

Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Horseback Riding

If you want a spectacular hike with the highest doses of excitement, the “Inca Trail.” Alternatively, there are circuits of Lares, Salcantay, and Choquequirao, among others.

The beautiful landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with nature trails and ancient Inca roads, offer an ideal and incomparable place to be known through hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding. These tours can be a day or more, including camping at the end of each day. The ideal season is between April and November. The tremendous natural beauty of its scenery, rich flora, and fauna is an excellent birdwatching opportunity. Majestic snowcapped ravines, fabulous archeological remains, and villages of native communities, living museums await you.

Andinismo – Mountaineering

The department of Cusco is located in three mountain ranges with numerous snowy peaks, which constitute beautiful natural scenery and offer you the possibility to share their beautiful landscapes with places ideal for the practice of Andinismo. The Vilcabamba, Vilcanota, and Urubamba mountain ranges have impressive snowy peaks, including the Ausangate (6,336 m.s.n. – 20,787 feet), the Salcantay (6,271 m.s.n. – 20,574 feet) and the Veronica (5,750 m.s.n.m. – 18,865 feet)

Andinismo in this area is a sport that the most expert mountaineering professionals can practice. Who can choose routes of an ascent of extreme difficulty and be practiced by fewer expert athletes by the classical ways of rising and conquering beautiful snowy peaks?

Rock Climbing (Mountrek)

There are numerous rock walls in the lower part of the snow-capped mountains of Vilcabamba, Vilcanota, and Urubamba, with enormous potential for rock climbing. There are rock walls almost vertical. Most experts will find routes of extreme difficulty, and there is a lower difficulty level for those with little experience.

The season for rock climbing practice lasts all year round. Between December and April is the rainy season, which adds a greater degree of difficulty.

Birdwatching in Cusco – Birdwatching

Peru is the 2nd most prosperous country in the world regarding the variety of birds, and Cusco offers ideal birdwatching scenarios. In the department of Cusco, you can choose between the high and middle Andean zones (Sacred Valley), high forests (Sanctuary of Machu Picchu), and cloud forests (Manu National Park). The paradise route for observing birds is between Ollantaytambo and Quillabamba – the Abra de Málaga. Also, you can find many species of hummingbirds in Machu Picchu.


In the waters of the Vilcanota River, you can fish exquisite salmon and rainbow trout in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, especially between April and October.

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