10 tips for making the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Published on: 21 de June de 2018 -

There are two ways to get to Machu Picchu, sweating or sweating; there are no more options. You can leave it as a reward or as a trip.

The Inca Trail (or Inka Trail) is a trail with more than five centuries of history. It is a traditional way that the Incas used to communicate throughout their empire. The Classic Inca trail is very extensive and not fully preserved, but today it is possible to travel 42 km on this legendary road before reaching the citadel of Machu Picchu.

If you want to know the complete chronicle of the trip: Inca Trail

1.- Reserve the Inca Trail with time.

The access to the Inca Trail is limited, and once covered, the quotas marked by the government are not possible to access in any way. Therefore it is fundamental to plan the trip with time (especially if you go in high season) to reserve the places with enough Notice. If you are one of those who likes to get to the country and look for options, I’ll weigh you, but in this case, you can stay without the possibility of entering the Inca Trail.

2.- Do not leave the climb to Wayna Picchu for the last moment.

Access to Wayna Picchu does even more restricted than that of the Inca Trail. So if you intend to go up, I recommend not leaving it for the last moment as you will do left with honey on your lips. Getting to Machu Picchu, wanting to climb Wayna Picchu, and not being able not to have been foresighted is a big task.

3.- Make a good backpack for the Inca Trail.

This advice seems obvious, but it is always the step where most fail. You will have four days walking, and these are long and demanding days, each gram counts. Do not take anything more than what is strictly necessary. The walking shoes and sandals to relax the feet will be more than enough in terms of footwear. Clothes for four days and a raincoat if you go in the rainy season. Use the chest and the waist; it will relieve the weight of the shoulders by dividing it evenly throughout the spine.

4. Pay attention to footwear.

It is not advisable to wear shoes without brand new ones since you will get some gift ampoules. You do not need mountain boots; a semi-skid or trekking shoe is more than enough.

5.- Aclimatate to The Inca Trail.

Every organism is a world, reacting differently; you may not even notice it. 6. Protect yourself from the rain in the route.

The road we did in the almost constant rain, but the humidity is overwhelming, especially at night. The humidity reaches the insulation, the sleeping bag, or the spare clothes; you happen to lose. The moisture can limit your desire to enjoy the Inca Trail. Bring the clothes in plastic bags inside the backpack and carry spare ponchos; thank them do not hesitate.

7. Dosify your efforts on the Inca Trail

The road long does not try to be the first. Traveling in groups is easy to come up with and try to be the first or the first. Usually, the entire group arrives at the end of the stages with hours of difference; nothing happens. Each one must carry their pace and be aware that the next day there are more.

8.- Carry a trekking pole.

The stick is an excellent ally for walks. You can take it or buy it there directly as you prefer. The walking sticks are a common element in the people who frequent the mountain.

9.- Mix with other people

The short Inca trail and the classic Inca trail are made with a more or less numerous group of people so you can share experiences and experiences with people from other countries and the people of the organization and porters. You can think about trekking in a more individualistic way, but I honestly think it is a mistake. Besides practically impossible, even for meals and dinners, you end up creating a small family; that is what makes this experience more wonderful.

10.- Enjoy the Trek.

As final advice and, not least, enjoy. Enjoy the group, the landscape, the moment. Do not plan the Inca Trail as a process before you get to enjoy the Machu Picchu tour; the essence is in the path itself. Machu Picchu is one more stone, the last but only one more.

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