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Our local experts have lived and breathed these Andean places, so we know how best to avoid tourist traps and go beyond the apparent tick box experiences on vacations. Add that to the Peru destination network we’ve collected in our time, and you’re guaranteed the best in expert knowledge and insider information wherever you’re heading.


We can do it all. We really can, Kondor Path Tours is flexible, and we know how to make planning easy for our clients. If you are engaged with no idea of where to go on your Peru vacations, tours/treks, and honeymoon, we can help. If you are traveling with the family and can’t figure out, what to do to keep everyone happy, we have the best choices.


Kondor Path Tours service begins when you enquire about our services, continues throughout the design and booking process, and finally, enjoying the holidays on Machu Picchu Peru, and giving you our personalized touch in Andean style, come with the best.


Planning a perfect trip to South America, Peru, takes more than knowledge and experience. It takes time; that’s what we offer you. We take the time to design a trip for you that ticks every box. Experience a place the right way; see it from all angles; when you return home, you are refreshed and revitalized, and you are content that you did everything right with your precious time away.


We love discovering new places (for touring and trekking) and new experiences and making them accessible to you in a way that suits your needs. Our purpose is to create something unique for you, wherever you want to travel. However, you want to do it. This is your holiday, no one else’s, and we get the best of our adventures.


There’s no such thing as a package tour with Kondor Path Tours; no two experiences are the same because no two requests are identical. Our website is here to inspire you; the itineraries are examples of the types of trips we like to run, so have a read.


We pride ourselves in going a step further than the rest to ensure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons. The planning process should be the start of a fantastic holiday, not the reason you will need one, so we are delighted to offer a host of little extras to make a trip with Kondor Path Tours, “a direct local tour operator PERU.” We would love to tell you more about those, but we would hate to ruin the surprise; trust us, we have done this before.

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