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Ancient Rituals Peru 

Initiation into the conventional therapeutic system of the Shamanic Journeys and cosmic light path; Lemurian Andean origin; YLLA – HANTATY.

⊗ Sacred Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony ⊗ Gratefulness offering to the Andean deities and Mother Nature ⊗ Andean Marriages “Spiritual Union,” MUNAY love ⊗ Meditation and Pilgrimages in Sacred Inca places ⊗ Ayahuasca Retreats ⊗ Wachuma Retreats ⊗ Inka Master Path 

Amaru (Andes Master)  Kondor (Andes Master) 

Sacred Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony “Shamanic ritual.”

It is one of the most widespread cultural symbols across the Andes. It is a symbol to evoke the sacred privilege; the root of its importance is undoubtedly in the qualities of the coca leaf (healing, anesthetic, and food). It is the basis of all exchange, reciprocity, and coexistence within and among the three Andean orders: human, natural, and divine. The Coca personifies as “Mama Coca,” who does speak and does treat with the utmost respect. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about matters important to you, such as family, friends, work, and health. Maybe you’ll learn a bit about the future.

Gratefulness offering to the Andean deities and Mother Nature

Pachamama is the closest mediator in the microcosm of the Andean community. The contour hills are “Grandparents,” and the land is “Mother,” which expresses the sacredness of nature. For the Andean people always had been very much alive. Pachamama’s presence gives face and heart to the natural environment. The ancestral origin is part of the Andean system of reciprocity between the material and spiritual worlds.

Andean Marriages “Spiritual Union,” MUNAY love “Shamanic Ceremony.”

Andean wedding, a spiritual initiation with the cosmic party between two souls are powerfully connected in Love “renew your marriage vows” sacred Inca places represent reciprocity and complement Pachamama. The Andean priests celebrate marriage rituals for couples who want to unite their lives with the blessing of the Pachamama.

Meditation and Pilgrimages in Sacred Inca places “Shamanic Technics.”

Initiation Andean meditation – harmonizing with the internal forces and centers of power and paths of our Pachamama and universal or cosmic powers. Auquis and Apus work (major and guides brothers). The shrines and pilgrimage can acquire expressions of our cosmos.

Ayahuasca Retreats “Jungle Shamanic Journeys”

The Ayahuasca does use for religious, spiritual, recreational, or anthropological purposes. The retreats offered by Ayahuasca are focused on its therapeutic application for internal evolution, personal growth, and development; to facilitate this goal, we share a series of psychotherapeutic approaches, group dynamics, and psycho-emotional exercises. All of which serve as preparation for and integration of the Ayahuasca experiences offered. All activities aim at a conscious awakening that enables you to overcome limitations; motivates the transformation of feelings of all that are rejected & perceived as a problem.

Wachuma Retreats “Andes Shamanic Journeys”

The cactus produces drowsiness or a dreamy state and a feeling of lethargy, slight dizziness, then a grand vision; it has a clearing faculty. It creates a light numbness in our body and afterward tranquility, and then comes detachment, a type of visual force, inclusive of all senses, the telepathic purpose of transmitting oneself across time and matter like removal of one do think to a distant dimension. The participants are set free during the Andean ritual and fly through cosmic levels.

Inka Master Path

Discover the Andes with the Inca Power Places by the Shamanic Journey and discover the Magic & the Path of Mastery Beauty.
  • Qosqo
  • The Puma temple
  • The snake temple
  • The two Parallel worlds 
  • The Inca city of Cristal 
  • Ancient & hidden Inca altars 
  • The Moon Temple and much more.


Amaru Andean Master 

Amaru means snake, and in Andean, knowledge represents wisdom. Amaru has been dedicated from very small to mystical exploration, allowing him to discover a wealth of Inca remains of the ancient cultures of the Andean Magic World. Thus it has managed to discover some of the paths of Andean wisdom, which is still alive and available to those seeking an open heart and mind without dogma or preconceptions. Together we will discover mysterious places all-around “Cuzco.” Amaru led tour groups for reconnecting the Cosmic Geo Power Centers “chakras” throughout the Andean world PERU; for integrating into the Ancestral Shamanic Path, showing you the spiritual therapeutic and ancient evolutionary system of Tao arts. The multi-discipline of various initiations has received thanks Pachamama “Mother Earth,” he becomes a Warrior of Light “in the communion of the Universal Master.” He is a quintessential Mystic Explorer, guiding groups dedicated to seekers and aspiring Warriors of the Light to realize the Great work and thus achieve total enlightenment of the Great Being that every human being is as meaningful. In this world, we want to share the ancient Reiki System with our International brothers and sisters with a combination of Chinese Martial Arts “the Healing of Tao System” and, above all things, to Holistic Shamanic Path in the Andes. We find the way to encounter the King of the Universe, the most significant discovery of all times. Explore Cuzco, The Sacred Valley of Andean Masters, and the City of Crystal; we have organized the Llama trip and Snake trip to open our brains and hearts to understand Pachamama.

Kuntur Andean Master 

Kuntur Willka is Fernando Loaiza; he is an Andes shaman promoting the Inka Master Path and a Mystical experience in Peru; he does base in Cusco place where he lives near the Inca Altar of Power (Machupicchu). Kuntur comes from the roots of Inka times (Qosqo Runa; he is a Cusqueñian person). When he was nine years old, he started going to the Mountains, making Andes connections with Nature and the Spirits of Pachamama (Mother Nature). Using Sacred Mystical Shamanic practices and meditations, he teaches how to release physical, mental, and emotional levels, thus transforming them into light and permitting yourself to align your physical temple with the full expansion of your soul. He started having contact with the Spirits of Light, talking and breathing the way of the Inkas Ancestor, whose secrets have been guarded against immemorial time. The ceremonies, meditations, offerings, and rituals to Pachamama, following a completely natural path of the tradition in the Andes, invite people to enter into this Magical & Mystical Andean World that exists as the Center of power on our Earth. Kuntur Native Guide is a sensitive person who permitted him to open the magical dimensions of Pachamama and Wiracocha (Inka Totems). Willka Kuntur is the Director of “KONDOR PATH TOURS,” and we use the magical scenery of this land to teach about the Inka Master Path, enjoying the beauty and freedom world. Kuntur was born at Sisal Mollepata at the foothills of Salkantay Mountain, which is the second-highest Sacred Mountain “Northwest of Cusco,” The first years of his childhood were spent exploring Incan places near Sisal, homes like Marka Wasi, Tara Wasi, and Saywite asked himself how a man from the Andes made these fabulous stone altars such beautiful temples. Then he understood that in our inner mental conscious connections, the Incas realized the Power of Mother Nature and thought in following generations. We are part of that Ancient Generation for understanding that Pachamama is present in every age “all we are one interconnected” Inca Master Path.  

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