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Perolniyoc Inca Site

Perolniyoc Inca Site

In the heights of the ravine of the district of Pachar is the archaeological site of Perolniyoc. Perolniyoc is an extraordinary Inca group of architectural constructions from the Inca era and was modified in colonial times to continue using this ceremonial center and administrative control located on the top of a steep mountain. To reach Perolniyoc, the Andean peasants begin a traditional path that ascends to the archaeological monument and crosses a small field where traditional crops such as corn cultivate.

On the way, you can see the extraordinary beauty of more than 80 meters high; the soft murmur of the waters that fall on the deep ravine serves as a musical background for the varied and happy song of birds that seem to sing to Mother Nature eternally.

Architectural restoration of Perolniyoc by the National Institute of Culture Cusco

In November 2013, the restoration works of the Perolniyoc Inca Site, whose original name is Racaypata, were renamed Perolniyoc by the locals. After three years of work by the National Institute of Culture Cusco, we can appreciate the substantial changes in all its sectors.

Description of the Inca site of Perolniyoc – Racaypata

Thus, you can see a food deposit on the northeast side with high walls built on a retaining wall. You will see it covered with straw to cover the rain preserving the archaeological site. The deposit has ventilation ducts, and access spans from this part of the Inca Trail to the Cachicata quarry. Perolniyoc also emphasizes a rectangular Kallanka of more than 20 meters in length that was the ideal place to rest and accommodate the travelers that crossed the zone. The Kallanca is full of niches for domestic and ceremonial use, and most of the buildings are built in a rustic way with sandstone in the area.

In the lower part of the enclosures, there are three containment walls of semi-circular form! Each is more than 100 meters long, and the highest walls surpass 4 meters in height. Most of them do use in ceremonial activities (pots, plates, and miniature jars, some ceramics decorate, and others do not decorate).

This archaeological complex’s main building is located in the middle part of the whole. It is an enclosure with four windows facing the sunrise. Inside has a height of more than eight meters, and its walls have trapezoidal windows with stone lintels. In addition, it shows a low fence with Incas windows that appear before the final building. The peculiar thing about this enclosure is that it counted on two floors since now, in the main wall still, the wall flange is seen on which the beams did place, and the wood of the second floor in this enclosure presents/displays an original plastering in the wall.

Organized hiking groups to appreciate the majestic constructions our ancestors inherited and visit the archaeological site of Perolniyoc

Inca Trails that cross Perolniyoc Inca Site

Five centuries ago, Perolniyoc, for its strategic geographical location, played an essential role in the administrative control of access to the Inca city of Ancascocha, Ollantaytambo, Camicancha, Classic Inca Trail, Cachicata, Socma, Salkantay, Pachar, and Machu Picchu trails.

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