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Inca Sites To Visit to Cusco

These sites are a brisk day’s hike from Cusco, but you’ll probably want to dedicate a whole day to Sacsayhuaman and leave the rest until you’re more adapted to the thin air.


Sacsayhuaman Although it seems relatively close to the center of Cusco, it is a rather steep 40-minute, 1km climb to the Sacsayhuaman ruins from the Plaza de Armas. The easiest route is to C Sweden, right along Wayna Pata’s narrow cobbled street to Pumacurcu, which climbs steeply, offering superb city views.

It’s just another 10-minute walk, following the path to the ruins. By now, you have passed the urbanized areas of Cusco and are walking through the countryside. A well-trodden way and a rough stairway lead you right into the heart of the megalithic fortress.


An easy 20-minute walk from Sacsayhuaman, head towards the Cusco-Pisac highway down a path from the guardian’s hut on the northeast edge of Sacsayhuaman. Qenko is just across the main road; The route is straightforward and signposted.


Walk for 20 minutes uphill and through the trees above Qenko. Walk right off the small hill, along the path (keeping the houses on your right), then out into the fields and turn right. Walking to the Plaza de Armas from nearby Cusilluchayoc is also possible via interconnecting trails that initially pass through some new neighborhoods on the main Cusco-Pisac highway and then descend to San Blas.


Chakan can be reached safely, though not easily, in the dry season (May-September) by following the main road from the slider at Sacsayhuaman for about 50 minutes; turn left onto the dirt road, walk about 30 minutes or so until you see a small manufactured lagoon on your left. Continue on the road for another 5 to 10 minutes; you will see a path on your left. Follow this road for about 15 minutes until you reach Chakan.

Quispe Huara

A challenging hike leads from Chakan up the Tica-Tica Creek (stay on the right side of the creek and stay well above it) to Quispe Huara. It would help if you had a local map or guide to find your way with certainty.

Puca Pucara

Puca Pucara: Between one and two hours of cross-country walking, uphill from Sacsayhuaman -4 km as the condor flies- and Qenko (longer if you follow the winding main road).

Tambo Machay

Tambomachay walks for less than 15 minutes along a marked trail that leaves the main road north of Puca Pucara.

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