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Cusco: the best tips to enjoy your trip to the fullest

Cusco, known as “the navel of the world,” is one of the most visited destinations in Peru. Although many suffer from altitude sickness upon reaching this place, this symptom does not impede enjoying its benefits. Undoubtedly, the trip is worthwhile since it has several critical archaeological centers in its culture. Here are the 11 most valuable tips to make the most of your trip. Let’s learn something meaningful for your trip

1. Hydration is important

In Cusco, it is vital to be hydrated; you can drink water or coca tea to help counteract altitude sickness. You may feel you lack oxygen, and your digestion will probably be a little slower, but this is normal due to the altitude. If you prefer to be safe than sorry, you can have pills like Sorojchi Pills or Gravol at your fingertips.

2. Always carry cash

Most city restaurants and hotels accept US dollar payments and cards such as Visa or Mastercard. However, it is preferable to use cash and preferably in Soles for activities to be carried out outside the city.

3. Rest is the key

If it is your first day in Cusco, you must rest for at least 02 hours upon arrival. This practice will help your body adapt to the altitude, but if you are one of those who do not want to waste a minute of the trip or have a few days to stay. Take advantage of visiting places near the city, such as The Plaza de Armas, San Blas, the stone of the twelve angles, the white Christ, and much more.

4. Bring something for the changing climate of Cusco

What can’t you stop wearing? In the sun, you will feel hot, but you will feel the cold wind if you go into the shade. This climate in Cusco is very typical; it will be hard at some point in the day, so it is essential to wear a good coat. Also, it is convenient to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, good walking shoes, and lip balm.

5. Great diversity of lodgings and hotels

If you still do not know where to stay, we tell you that you can find accommodation at all prices and for all tastes in Cusco. Finding the balance between price and quality is crucial according to your budget. You can contact Costamar Travel to help you find the best rate according to your travel date in accommodations, tours, and much more.

6. The best plans for all tastes

In Cusco, there is much to do, but here apart from the “conventional” tours, you can dare to do other activities such as:

  • Mountain 07 colors: remember that you must have good acclimatization and physical condition.
  • Via Ferrata is a route to climb mountains with a permanent security system installed, providing security and facilitating the experience for people who have never done this activity.
  • Rafting: You can go rafting on the Urubamba River; it’s super exciting!
  • ATVs: riding an ATV to a lagoon will be an unforgettable experience.

7. Prepare for Machu Picchu

The most advisable thing is to travel in the dry season, from April to October, because it is the rainy season from November to March, and the landscape will not be so clear to enjoy the beautiful view. Of course, it will depend on the weather you like the most, but you always have to travel prepared, since it can rain.

8. You can’t miss the nightlife

Going out to dance or have a few drinks is something that many do, and if you feel in perfect physical condition, go ahead and enjoy it! They say that the nightlife in Cusco is one of the most varied because you find everything with different musical styles.

9. Important to take into account

In each guided tour, take (only) what is necessary. Try not to carry objects that prevent you from enjoying your excursion. Do not forget to dress according to what you have planned to do.

10. Souvenirs of all kinds

You cannot leave this beautiful city without taking a souvenir with you. Something that demonstrates the local culture and reminds you that you are in one of the main tourist attractions in Peru.

11. Attitude above all

You must go with the best attitude to recharge your batteries. This adventure is the perfect destination to disconnect from routine, work, and stress. Trust us, after your first visit, you’ll want to come back again and again!

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