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Machu Picchu Spiritual Initiation


LUIS ALBERTO was born in Cusco on September 16, 1964, and was Homeopathic and Bio-energetic. I study complementary medicine in the same city. At present, it has implied developed in therapy and healing. He gives workshops and directs groups on mystical pilgrimages, “Machu Picchu Spiritual Initiation.”

In 1992, my life underwent an intense change, characterized by experiences that we could baptize as supernatural, which implied dosed by the attitude and will that project these realities. That year begins a stage of preparation for several contexts of the existence of being in this world. We were recognizing and disciplining our mental aspects.

I consider it essential to mention

The “technical” channeling is the universal energy in “clean” form, Without mental or suggestive processes to redirect it for healing purposes, messages transmitted by superior entities, or protection. How it implies received is conditioned to the preparation, the gifts, and the faculties, in the case of healing, extrasensory perception, hand irradiation, or irradiation to the distance (radionic), and others.

Thanks to different techniques, the messages can reach us: pictograph type (automatic writing), psychological, dermo-optic, signals, voices, dreams, visualizations, etc. I consider the astral process safe to filter out mental, emotional, or physical conditions within this group. All these processes come to a state of “supra consciousness,” induced or voluntary, Freeing us from forms of thoughts, prejudices, and emotional attachments that accompany us in this three-dimensional process. In other words, when you channel yourself, you never lose your consciousness; On the contrary, he is more aware than ever.

Throughout these years, I have understood the meaning and relationship of this world beyond its existence. Who reached mastery levels in the spiritual path, demonstrating wisdom in their different constructions and technologies, which gave them growth at all levels, leaving enigmas and questions unresolved despite our scientific advances. The existence of humanity beyond the earth does not belong to our three-dimensional nature. They manifest in levels superior to the third dimension, and their close maintains this reality, and direct contact is their exceptional nature.

There are now, at various points, in different parts of the planet, And the enter key is the inner work that the surface does perform. This work leads to contact with your authentic self, and in this way, you can access and perceive these supra realities.

A paranormal experience? Mystical? Esoteric? We let you define it.

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