Tipon Archaeological site Alternative

Published on: 21 de June de 2018 -

Tipón, an archaeological site located 23 kilometers southeast of the city of Cusco

Its maximum height is 3,850 m.s.n.m. And its extension comprises 2,200 hectares in the district of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchis.

The access to the archaeological site is 5 kilometers away, from kilometer 18 of the Cusco – Puno road to the north crossing Watanay creek.

Tipón does design as follows:

Natural enclosures and Gardens. Here you can see the objective house that Wiracocha ordered to build for his father, Yahuar Huaca. Since then, this sector has had beautiful fountains and gutters that continue pouring water from the existing underground channels.

An Intihuatana. Located in a room with trapezoidal windows, from which you can see everything Tipón. It is located a short distance from the main precincts, above a mountainous elevation.

Smaller enclosures. About 1 kilometer from the Intihuatana, they are of lower quality than the natural enclosures. They do initially built in stone, and their finishes do make of adobe.

The Looker. To the north of the archaeological site is the Mirador del Cusco. In the ancient time, an important place of observation was denominated to him Cruz Moqo (summit where there is a cross) and Qosqo Qhawarina (from where Cusco is visible). From there, you could see West Cusco. This place was an essential hostel of personalities with political and economic powers during the Inca empire.

Tipón stands surrounded by a wall that did build to serve as a defense. Then this purpose was of no importance since all the surrounding towns belonged to the Tahuantinsuyo empire.
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