Kondor Path Tours

We are Specialists and Experts as direct tour operators based in Cuzco city with hundreds of high-quality, affordable, exciting Andes Adventures.

There are at least more than ten good reasons to travel with us:

  1. Unique trekking routes: Kondor Path Tours specializes in special, beaten-track options that most other trek and tour operators do not!
  2. Personalized attention: Kondor Path Tours is a small local family-owned business that provides customized attention service from the beginning to the end of your TREKS or TOURS.
  3. Trekkers Wanted: we provide the innovative free listing called “TREKKERS WANTED,” which was a kind of thing we liked to see when backpacking around the world.
  4. Operate 100% of Treks: We operate the TREK tours that we offer; on our Website, we do not share with another party; 100% original to your best holidays to Machu Picchu.
  5. Operate 100% of our Sightseeing Tours: Kondor Path Tours to Machu Picchu is a 100 % personalized service; as stipulated in our programs, we do not share with large tour groups of 20 or 30 passengers in big buses. As you are booking, we operate our sightseeing tours. We give you the best way to travel to Machu Picchu to enjoy your holidays in Peru.
  6. Our staff: are extremely well traveled and passionate about offering you excellent service.
  7. Our Holidays are environmental: Sustainable and Responsible tourism in all the places we visit.
  8. Excellent Andes Guides: we carefully match the best guides “for outdoor and sightseeing tours” to each group; we ask our travelers to book as early as possible; Kondor guides are highly trained.
  9. Delicious Meals: our chefs prepare super tasty meals regularly, we observe the most consumed dishes to carry on with them, or we change with a new Novo Peruvian dish; the portions are generous in every breakfast, lunches, and afternoon teas, and dinner. Also, we can prepare specific diets; just let us know, and we will be happy to prepare them.
  10. Recent equipment: We purchase new equipment every two or three years. We constantly rotate, seeking the most comfortable and affordable brand in our Andes camps.
  11. Departure Roads: Kondor Path Tours focuses on unique experiences; we offer the quality any day for clearly advertised prices listed on our Website.   Our designed tours will never pass you on another tour operator! We depart even if you are two members, and we are the sole operators of all our terms!
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