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Do you want to take your pet on vacation? Check out these practical tips for traveling with pets or animals by plane, train or bus (documentation, vaccines, requirements, and more).


Getting on your pet travel does not have to be a problem when planning your trip. It is important that you program the adventure in advance and take into account the following advice:

  1. Check with the veterinarian beforehand if your pet is ready to travel: some animals should not travel because they are old or have health problems.
  2. Your pet must carry a microchip with the owner’s data updated, fundamental to locate it in case of loss.
  3. Take the vaccination card and your pet’s medical history.
  4. Make sure before traveling the entry, sanitary and administrative requirements of each country to travel with pets.
  5. Also make sure that in the accommodation of your vacation (hotel, hostel, apartment, camping, etc.) allows the holding of animals.
  6. Avoid traveling with puppies less than 8 months old or without weaning, especially if you are traveling by plane or bus, as you will have to leave them inside a cage during the whole trip.
  7. Try to book direct flights in case you travel by plane.
  8. Check the conditions of the airline or the travel agent about traveling with pets before buying the tickets, as some companies do not allow traveling with animals.
  9. To travel by plane, you must leave your pet inside a cage. Remember to pick it up as soon as you reach your destination.
  10. It is not recommended to sedate or administer tranquilizers to pets, since it increases the risk of suffering cardiac and respiratory problems. Consult the veterinarian before.
  11. Your pet’s cage must be correctly identified with the owner’s data and destination information; Should be wide and strong, with ventilation with arrows indicating the top of it.
  12. If you are traveling with your pet by car, it is mandatory to wear a harness attached to the seat belt.

Remember to consult the vet any questions you have about the trip with animals.

Peru Treks Information

Peru Treks Information


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