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Before you see what to pack for a trip to Peru, it is important to have a large backpack and a small backpack where you can carry your everyday things, because to reach some communities it is necessary to walk along narrow paths.

Clothes for the Andes

We recommend that the clothes you bring are most appropriate for the country environment. During the day it can be very hot (especially when treks are there programmed during the day), the temperature can reach up to 30 ° C, but in the mountains at night the temperatures drop considerably (they may drop to -10 ° C). The difference can be over 90 degrees Fahrenheit! The best way to prepare for these conditions is to dress in several layers of coat. The list of items we recommend you bring includes:

  • Long trousers (which can be turned into shorts) plus an extra pair of shorts.
  • A thin sweater / long sleeve shirt.
  • Tshirts.
  • A warm sweater (wool or fleece) (or a warm fiber jacket and a thin jacket).
  • A light jacket for rain (in the rainy season, it can also be a good poncho!).
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Warm nightwear.
  • Swimwear.
  • Hiking boots.
  • Stockings (walking).
  • Comfortable shoes (training shoes), sandals or slippers for water.
  • Hat or scarf to protect you from the sun during the day.
  • Wool or polar cap for the night.
  • Gloves.

Clothing for the jungle

We recommend that the clothes you bring are most appropriate to the environment of the jungle (get ready to sweat a lot!) The Amazon region or rainforest has a tropical climate, hot and humid, with rains in the summer. The average annual temperature is 25º C, and there are temperature changes between 18º C and 35º C. The list of items we recommend you bring includes:

  • Light clothing, shorts.
  • Long and comfortable pants.
  • Shirts or T-shirts with long or short sleeves.
  • Long socks for walking.
  • Swimwear.
  • Towel.
  • Hat, hat or something to cover the head.
  • Clothes for the rain or a poncho.
  • Walking shoes or boots.
  • Flips flops.

Depending on the program chosen, try not to bring too much luggage, especially where you need to carry your luggage. Because of the weather, you will not be able to charge as much as in the mountains (max 10kg). Another recommendation is to store your clothes in a plastic bag to protect it from rain. Use a Ziplock to ensure your camera and other valuable items are protected.


  • Flashlight (to have on hand since blackouts are very frequent, would be ideal one of those that are fastened to the head) *.
  • Camera with enough battery *.
  • Swiss knife.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Bottles of water (ideally 1 liter each).
  • Light towel (s).
  • USB to make a back up of the photos (optional).
  • Trekking stick (optional).
  • Books and / or magazines.
  • Card game or any other lightweight board game to wear.

For a trekking you could want to take with you

  • Sleeping bag (-15ºC).

For trips to the jungle you could want to take with you

  • Binoculars

* Please note that any battery loses its power very quickly in freezing temperatures. In this case, store your electronic equipment and spare batteries in your sleeping bag!

Toiletries and medicines

  • Toiletries.
  • Toilet paper (for the road).
  • Sun blocker (of at least SPF protection of 30).
  • Lip protection with UV protection.
  • Pills to purify water for drinking.
  • First aid kit for travel.
  • Medicines you are taking.
  • Second skin / compeed.
  • Aspirins in daily dose packets.

For trips to the jungle (also high jungle, like Machu Picchu) you could want to take with you

  • Mosquito repellent (Local pharmacies have good repellents, however, the best protection against mosquitoes are the proper clothes (see above).
  • Products to reduce pitting pain.
  • Lotion against ticks.

What to leave

  • Excess clothing.
  • Hardcover cases.
  • Expensive jewels
  • Items that appear to be very expensive.
  • Elegant clothes or shoes.
  • These tips will help you know what to pack for a trip to Peru. If you think that we forget something, please leave your comment here below. Your opinion matters to us!


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