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Nevada Salkantay Trekking – Salkantay is located within Vilcabamba mountains range, northwest of Cusco. Salkantay it is an uneven string in the region by two major rivers, the Urubamba and Apurimac, and divides the plateau of the mountain rainforest.

Hike and Activities

The snowcapped of Apu Salkantay (APU mean Sacred Mountain “watcher”), Salkantay has a height of 6271 meters / 20,574 feet. It is a very nice while hiking through beautiful Andean landscapes towards the PASS 4650m / 15,255 ft. It has the ability to observe some condors “if we are lucky to see one” in their natural habitat.

The Cordillera of Vilcabamba (mountain range of Vilcabamba; north of Cusco) is where the Salkantay massif is with a beautiful and secluded area. Dominated by the Apu Salkantay has numerous high snowy peaks, as Tucarhuay 5,910m /, Veronica 5,682m and Huacayhuilca 5,361m, among others.

It is visible the area during the hike of Phuyupatamarca that makes the [Inca Trail] to Machu Picchu (third day of hike). The Geography is difficult and whimsical all around this attractive, Salkantay is surrounded by deep valleys and gorges, making it an interesting adventure but as exhausting trip hike. From Mollepata, Challacancha, or Soraypampa. It’s the starting point of hike to reach Salkantay and Humantay PASS, at Salkantay Pampa the trail bifurcates into two ways, the first way it’s towards the classic 4-days Inca Trail to connect by Wayllabamba it would be the first day of camp for those who started the trek at km 82 (Inka Trail tours). Since there is no single path that passes through and reaches, Collpapampa and Santa Teresa near the archaeological ruins of Machu Picchu.

Salkantay Climate

Salkantay climate is very sunny during the day but cold at night. The temperature falls below 0 °C / 32 °F at night during the months of June to September. The best time for the weather to do this hike is during the months of June to September.

Heights of camps in the hiking of Salkantay

  • Mollepata 2,900 meters / 9,515 feet

  • Soraypampa 3,850 meters / 12631 feet

  • Salkantay Pampa 4,100 meters / 13,500 feet

  • Salkantay pass 4,600 meters / 15,090 feet

  • Huayra Machay 3,800 meters / 12,500 feet

  • Challway 3,000 meters / 9842 feet

  • La Playa 2,100 meters / 6,889 feet

  • Llactapata PASS 3,000 meters / 9,842 feet

  • Aguas Calientes town 2,040 meters / 6,690 feet

  • Machu Picchu 2,430 meters / 7,972 feet

Mountains surrounding the Nevada Salkantay

It reaches a height 4,650 meters above sea level / 15,255 ft. at its highest point.
It is the 38th highest peak in the Andes and the highest 12th of Peru. However, it is the second highest in topographic prominence in the country, after Huascaran. Salkantay peak is high and steep, the most spectacular peak in the region, with large vertical relief, particularly on the lower valleys to the north that are tributaries of the Amazon River.

salkantay trek peru

salkantay trek peru

Major Mountains around Nevada Salkantay Trekking

  1. Snow Capped Humantay 5,917 meters / 19,412 feet
  2. Snow Capped Salkantay 6,264 meters / 22,847 feet
  3. Snow Capped Palcay 5,422 meters / 17,788 feet
  4. Snow Capped Ocomba 5,126 meters / 16,817 feet
  5. Snow Capped Moyoc 5,210 meters / 17,093 feet
  6. Snow Capped Huayanay 5,188 meters / 17,020 feet
  7. Snow Capped Corner 5,024 meters / 16,482 feet
  8. Snow Capped Bonanta 5,319 meters / 17,450 feet
  9. Snow Capped Huacayhuilca 5,361 meters / 17,588 feet
  10. Snow Capped Marconi 5,319 meters / 17,450 feet
  11. Snow Capped Veronica 5,682 meters / 18,641 feet
  12. Hill Chaupiloma 5,339 meters / 17,516 feet
  13. Hill Amparay 5,418 meters / 17,775 feet
  14. Hill Soray 5,428 meters / 17,808 feet

When to Go to Nevada Salkantay Trekking to Machu Picchu

The dry season “temporada seca” is the best time for this trek. In Cusco, the dry season lasts from April to November, and the wet season is from December to March. From June to September are the most popular months to do the trek / hikes, due to summer vacations in US and Europe. It is usually thought that May and October offer the best weather conditions for exploring the Andes via Salkantay.

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Salkantay Map

salkantay trail

salkantay trail

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