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To reach Salkantay you will necessarily have to reach the city of Cusco, either from the capital city Lima of Peru, or some other department.

Being in the city of Cusco you can enjoy different tourist sites, such as museums, Coricancha, Sacsayhuman, Q’enqo and among other places, after having enjoyed them all you can visit Salkantay, where you will need to go with a guide to So guide the way to make your adventure tours to Salkantay.

The buses from Cusco to Mollepata depart very early and pass through Limatambo. We suggest you to visit the fortress of Tarahuasi. From the road you can see the Apurimac River and part of its impressive canyon. Keep in mind that the area is cold and reaches an altitude of about 5,000 m.s.n.m. Already in Mollepata; There are people who offer services of bunkers and muleteers. If you plan to make the Mollepata – Santa Teresa circuit, it is necessary to provide food for six days.

Being at 2,803 m.s.n.m. Of altitude, Mollepata allows to rise gradually toward the Salkantay. On the way there are herds of auquénidos. After climbing a step of height is possible to have an impressive pyramidal view of the snowy Salkantay. From Mollepata it takes two days to go down to Huayllabamba and join the second day of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

When making this tour to Salkantay we will know Mollepata place where is the famous snowy Salkantay


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