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Spiritual Trips Machu Picchu

Spiritual Trips Machu Picchu we start in the X zone where we will test the silence and Chupani value (Pumahuanca). Camping in this place with fasting and silence exercises will prepare our initiation in the mountain in the sacred and cold waters of Pumahuanca. On the third day, we will walk on an ascending pilgrimage towards the mythical Huchuy Qosqo place in the mountains of temples and esplanades where we can receive and channel the wisdom of the ancient master of the Andes. Led by Luis Alberto

Trip Overview

  • Day 1. Cusco Arrival
  • Day 2. X zone & Pumahuanca
  • Day 3. Lamay to Huchuy Qosqo pilgrimage
  • Day 4. Descent from Huchuy Qosqo to Lamay & Transfer to Machu Picchu
  • Day 5. Machu Picchu trip to access and complement the spiritual path
  • Day 6. The End of the Trip

Day 1. Cusco Arrival

The first day is the transfer service from Cusco airport to the hotel (located in the center of Cusco), this day is to acclimate to the heights of the ancient city of Qosqo.

  • Cusco overnight: Hotel 3 star (seven Ventanas or similar).

Day 2. X zone & Pumahuanca

There were many routes that the wise old man through paths of initiation through this program we will make a learning in each established precinct.


  • Silence and mystical instinctive value of the snake
  • For this activity, we recommend to fast.
  • Trip to Pumahuanca
  • Initiation with the puma
  • Camping near to Pumahuanca totem
  • Overnight: Near Pumahuanca sacred mountain “Camping”

Day 3. Lamay to Huchuy Qosqo pilgrimage

The trip is of Pumahuanca until arriving at the town of Lamay to begin to ascend towards Huchuy Qosqo.


  • Trip to Lamay
  • Pilgrimage of ascent to Huchuy Qosqo.
  • Night of initiation with the cosmos of the condor.
  • Camping near to Huchuy Qosqo temple.

Day 4. Descent from Huchuy Qosqo to Lamay & Transfer to Machu Picchu

After greeting the sunrise and sun, we started descending from the temple of Huchuy Qosqo towards Lamay to transport us to Ollantaytambo, board our train service, and arrive at the village of Aguas Calientes.

Spiritual Trips Machu Picchu Activity:

  • Greeting at sunrise and sun from Huchuy Qosqo esplanade
  • Exploring the Waka of Uno Orqo.
  • Train service to Machu Picchu Pueblo.
  • Overnight: Aguas Calientes village (Hotel 2 stars – El Presidente).

Day 5. Machu Picchu trip to access and complement the spiritual path

Machupicchu culminating and main of the energy line (Seque) citadel where it keeps the mysteries of initiated priests. We can see physical income from the ultra-terrestrial world that is still active
Waynapicchu … sacred “pyramid” mountain … we will ascend on pilgrimage as the ancients did … where we can enter in that time achieving at its peak start us in contact with nature, its spirits and it’s magic

Day 6. The End of the Trip

Today is the farewell and transfer service to the airport. On the other hand, could passengers continue with THE ROUTE OF THE SUN TO PUNO?

Spiritual Trips Machu Picchu includes

  • Spiritual Initiation Path 6 Days/5 Nights
  • Day 1. Cusco Arrival “Transfer service and meeting with Luis Alberto Del Solar”
  • Day 2. X zone & Pumahuanca
  • Day 3. Lamay to Huchuy Qosqo pilgrimage
  • Day 4. Descent from Huchuy Qosqo to Lamay & Transfer to Machu Picchu Pueblo.
  • Day 5. Machu Picchu trip to access and complement the spiritual path.
  • Day 6. The End of the Trip.
  • All spiritual teachings by Luis Alberto Del Solar; between days 1 and 5.
  • All ground transportation is included on this journey beginning from Cusco “pickup and drop-off at your Hotel” private transport around Cusco trips, shared train to/from Aguas Calientes Pueblo (Machu Picchu), Machu Picchu shared bus (up and down).
  • Three nights’ hotel 3 star based on double occupancy.
    • Cusco overnight on day 1, and 5 – Hotel 7 Ventanas 3 stars (or similar).
    • Aguas Calientes overnight on day 4 – Hotel El Presidente 2 star (Sierra Andina Brand Peru).
  • Two nights´ camping (Pumahuanca, and Huchuy Qosqo).
  • Support team for camps “managed by indigenous people”
  • Horses to load the camping equipment and the personal things of the clients in the days of camping.
  • Sleeping bags for each client for the two nights of camping
  • Daily breakfast at Hotels and Camping
  • Camp meals (2 Lunches, and 2 Dinners).
  • All entrance fees to the attractions (Huchuy Qosqo, Machu Picchu).

Spiritual Trips Machu Picchu does not Include

  • Souvenirs
  • Tips/gratuities
  • Airfare (National or International).
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extra Meals/Snacks

Spiritual Trips Machu Picchu bring

  • Original passport to Machu Picchu and Hotel.
  • Lighter trekking boots (with good ankle support)
  • Layers for variable temperatures especially at night
  • One rain jacket: The first night the temperature can be as low as – 5 degrees Celsius/23 degrees Fahrenheit. A rain jacket can be helpful, because there are rainy days even in the dry season!
  • One warm/winter jacket (Thermals: wool socks/gloves, scarf and woolen hat for cold nights).
  • Travel-size tissues and wet wipes–The air is cold and damp, so your nose is going to run a lot. Everyone seems to run out of tissues by the end of the day. In addition, most bathrooms do not have toilet paper (if you even get a bathroom), so wet wipes are key.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  • Bug spray with 30% DEET in it–which you need, but it does not work very well. The issue with Cusco outdoor is that most of the bugs are not mosquitoes. They are some small flies you cannot even see that leave weird bites that first look like you pricked your finger and then blow up into itchy red bumps. Unfortunately, these bugs seem to bite you no matter what rather spray you put on, so bringing some anti-itch ointment could be helpful.
  • Re-usable plastic or metal water container or a hydration pack such as Camel-back
  • A headlamp to navigate camp in the evenings and pre-dawn mornings with spare batteries (camping days).
  • Bandages or moleskin
  • Flip-flops to change into at night. Your toes will thank you!


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