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Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel was a university and a temple at the same time, 500 people were leaving there manly full students; this program tour we offer you; Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel is step by step trips to get and explore Machu Picchu. The active itineraries we have to you is for having contact with Andes nature and Pachamama; up and down with our Kondor bus service easily traveling in Peru, Machu Picchu.

Trip Overview

Day 1: Am Cuzco Arrival, Pm Qoricancha and Cusco Cathedral Tour
Day 2: Rumicolca, Pikillacta, And Tipon Tour
Day 3: Chinchero – Textiles, Cusco City Tour “4 Incas Sites” Tour
Day 4: Moray, Salineras with Trek, Pm Visit Ollantaytambo Tour
Day 5: Machu Picchu Tour
Day 6: Out Of Cusco

Day 1: Am Cuzco Arrival, Pm Qoricancha and Cusco Cathedral Tour

Welcome to the ancient Capitol of the Americas Cuzco, Cuzco city is located Southern of Peru, we recommend you to fly from Lima to Cuzco during the morning to stay in your Cuzco hotel relaxing and recovering after the main fly you came to Peru, when you will land Cusco airport we will be waiting to you to transfer you to the hotel “20 minutes by touristic car to Cuzco center”.

At 3 PM we pick you up from the hotel to explore the center of Cuzco; the Cathedral is very important because it is containing many paintings and canvasses ornate with pure gold and Inca art, walking into the church is like museum, the retables and all the Colonial architecture is super wonderful. The church has a Latin cross, then by foot exploring the downtown we have the Qoricancha “the Inca Cathedral made of stones and gold”, this place it is very close to Cuzco Plaza, and next to Qoricancha we have the Santo Domingo church; this Inca palace was the center of all the Inca´ empire, here was ornate with pure gold and silver “all flora, fauna, and important people, in a natural size shape”.

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel Summary

  • Meeting Point: At the Airport
  • AM Reception at Cuzco airport, and transfer to your HTL “hotel”
  • AM, feel free to get acclimatized on high altitude
  • PM Explore by foot with your guide:
  • Level, easy “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel “
  • Cuzco Overnight “Not included”.

Day 2: Rumicolca, Pikillacta, And Tipon Tour

At 9:30 AM we will be starting our outdoor tour by car “always in our tours we have some treks and walks”, today have to go South of Cuzco for looking the Main giant Inca entrance door of the South of the empire; where in ancient times people from Titicaca had to be checked if they were allow to get into the Sacred land of Qosqo (old name of Cusco), next pre Inca place is Pikillacta (the town of the fleas) built 800 hundred years ago DC, there we can find houses with 1, 2, 3, floors and they used white plaster to cover their walls, and those houses looks like now days, but the Incas´ architecture is completely different. After visiting those Inca places we have to go to Tipon village; a place where we can find only Restaurants dedicated to Guinea Pigs culture; always we are planning to try some traditional dishes in Peru, today it is the opportunity to everybody; usually we serve you a full body of Guinea pig with some adds (the guinea pig traditional Cuzco dish is optional to our clients, if are planning to eat just to take some picture, it is super Okay, bring some snacks). If you would like it, we can do the reservations to this adventure culinary meal, and then it is coming up Tipon Incan site (the main Master hydraulic system of water), many channels of water we can find here, and after 500 years of any maintaining work, it is still running the fresh spring water; a small trek to digest the guinea pig around Tipon exploring and recognizing the Inca artifact of Inca fountains.

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel Summary 

  • Avoid crowds explore the South of Cuzco
  • Estimated duration, full day tour
  • A day tour from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Excursion to:
    • Rumicolca “the Inca south gate”
    • Pikillacta “Pre Inca city ”
    • Tipon Incan site “the water temple”
  • Meals, Tray the Guinea Pig at Tipon village “optional” not included!
  • Difficulty, Easy “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel “
  • Cuzco Overnight “Not included”.

Day 3: Chinchero – Textiles, Cuzco City Tour “4 Incas Sites” Tour

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel : Always we want to get some souvenirs made of Alpaca, or Vicuña, to affordable prices, but before we need to see of how it had made, for sure by hand, watching and exploring all the Inca process, yes we want to get some of them.

Chinchero is our destination, at 7 AM we start from Cuzco to the Andes Peru center textile (40 minutes to Chinchero town), also we can find Inca instrument to farmland and textiles with natural instrument of nature; then trek to Chinchero Incan site (15 minutes), we have the Inca upper plaza, walls, Colonial arches, a Colonial chapel, Inca temples, houses, streets, etc. this holiday tour is the best to get combined with Andean folk people.

Then we back to Cuzco to explore 4 Incan sites (Cuzco city tour), this is a sightseeing tour combined with walks to the Incas sites. Tambomachay, Pucapucara, Qenqo, and Sacsaywaman are the places to visit, every place has something special to explore. Example Sacsaywaman is a unique place in all Peru country where we can find giant Inca stone-masonry, Sacsaywaman temple is the main expression of Inca art work dedicated to their gods, this place is known as the Inca Mount Olympus.

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel Summary

  • A day tour from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • This Tour covers:
  • Meals, Box lunch included
  • Level, easy “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel”
  • Cuzco overnight “Not included”.

Day 4: Moray, Salineras with Trek, Pm Visit Ollantaytambo Tour

At 7:30 we start pick you up from the hotel

Pack a small day backpack for one day and a half tour, and leave the large luggage at Cuzco hotel

Today during the afternoon we have a train service to Aguas Calientes village; this place is well known as Machu Picchu town (original name, Aguas Calientes is the nickname; because are hot springs near the town).
Inca Discovery in Peru Machu Picchu Tour Before the train service we go off road following a dirt road to Moray; splendorous ride with the Andes view and snow capped of the Sacred valley of the.

Moray is the Inca´s greenhouse, and it is made in a giant natural hollow beginning at the lower site with a small to large open circle made on hill shape (eleven circular Inca terraces), then we carry on to Salineras to touch the Inca salty water and to try how salty it’s, more than 3000 pans are compounding this place; sometimes we can find some farmers farming salt from their places (every family from Maras are owners of 2, 4, 8 salt pans), generation by generation they are keeping the ancient knowledge of how to obtain salt to human consume (they add iodine), and they distribute to local markets, but nowadays they are offering to tourist traveler the Inca salt to different uses. Depends how are feeling our clients we can go by car to the Restaurant located near to Urubamba village, or we can walk one hour to river side “downhill path”, where it is the restaurant (all this depends time too).

The last place to visit, it is Ollantaytambo located in our way towards the train station, Ollantaytambo is an Incan park, and a place where we can find many Inca Altars and temples around the area, the main characteristic of this place is that the Incas were using the red or pink stone color to build their temples, many Inca trails get the Sun temple area, if we are with trekking feelings let´s go to hike up, just 100 meters to top, on summit we have the best vistas of the Inca valley,  and other inter Andean valleys.

Then we have to be in time at the train station, our ride is along the river side, ideal train track to observe the green nature of the Andes (the famous cloud forest), in 1 hour and forty minutes is Aguas Calientes village.

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel Summary

  • Estimated duration full Day
  • A day tour from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • This Tour covers:
    • Moray “the circular Inca terraces”
    • Salineras “Maras Inca salt mines”
    • Trek one hour downhill from Salineras to Urubamba river
    • Ollantaytambo Incan site
  • Meals, Lunch at the Alhambra Restaurant (near Urubamba)
  • PM a train service to Machu Picchu Pueblo by train
  • Difficulty, Easy
  • Aguas Calientes village overnight “Not included”.

Day 5: Machu Picchu Tour

Machu Picchu (means the old mountain), is located above Aguas Calientes village (Northwest) on top of a mountain, 400 hundred meter above the Urubamba river, this place was built on a strategy place to keep away non Incan people. Very early in the morning we have our tour around Machu Picchu for exploring the main places that became famous this wonder, first by bus to the main gate entrance, the by foot, it is our guided tour, two hours walking is the enough time to visit the area, but after the guided tour you have a free time to walk around by yourself, if you have full emery you might go to the Sun gate, the Inca bridge, or just stay under a green tree appreciating this marvelous place, during the afternoon be at Aguas Calientes village to catch your train service back to Cusco (by train and car to Cusco city the service). Your Kondor local guide gives you all the info of how to back to Cuzco and what time you have to be at Machu Picchu train station (this is located into Aguas Calientes village).

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel Summary

  • AM visit Machu Picchu
  • Professional guided tour by a Kondor guide
  • 2 hours tour for exploring Machu Picchu with your guide, and then a free time for you
  • PM back by bus to Aguas Calientes village
  • PM train back service from Machu Picchu train station to Ollantaytambo train station
  • PM or night transfer service from Ollantaytambo to Cuzco city by car
  • Difficulty, Easy
  • Optional: tell us in very advance, if you want to climb Waynapicchu we can organize for you 3 – 5 month before than your main day trip to Peru.
  • Accommodation, Cuzco Overnight “Not included”.

Day 6: Out Of Cusco

In your plan if you have a flight to your next destination or a bus service to Puno, we have a transfer service to you at the indicated time (always we are 20 minutes before).

  • Transfer service to Cuzco airport

Kondor Path Group: The best local tour operator PERU

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel Inclusion

  • Discovering Machu Picchu Tour 6 Day
    • Day 1: Am Cuzco Arrival, Pm Qoricancha and Cusco Cathedral Tour
    • Day 2: Rumicolca, Pikillacta, And Tipon Tour
    • Day 3: Chinchero – Textiles, Cusco City Tour “4 Incas Sites” Tour
    • Day 4: Moray, Salineras with Trek, Pm Visit Ollantaytambo Tour
    • Day 5: Machu Picchu Tour
    • Day 6: Out Of Cusco
  • Private & personalized tours
  • Active itinerary with unique cultural features
  • Private tourist transport (minivan for 5 people, van for 12 people or bus for 20 people)
  • Excellent English speaking tour guide
  • Comprehensive Guided sightseeing
  • All entrance tickets to the attractions
  • Machupicchu Ticket
  • All pick-ups (pick up and drop off at your Hotel)
  • All transfers and sightseeing per itinerary in modern Inka motor coach
  • Meals: Day 3 Box lunch included, Day 4 Lunch at the Alhambra Restaurant (near Urubamba)
  • 2 train Ticket Service Machu Picchu (Expedition Tourist Train “round trip”)
  • 2 bus Tickets Machupicchu Pueblo to Machupicchu (round trip)
  • All Local taxes

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel does not Included

  • All accommodation HOTELS in, and around CUZCO for the excursions are not included
  • International flights / Domestic flights (Airport Taxes or visa fees)
  • Meals where not stated
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations
  • Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages or Snacks
  • Laundry “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel “
  • Phone calls / Radio calls or messages
  • Reconfirmation of international flights and items of personal nature
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Tips “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel“

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel Bring

  • Original passport (and International Student Identity Card “ISIC” it is applicable)
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended but not required)
  • Comfortable day backpack (to carry your personal belongings)
  • Lighter trekking boots (with good ankle support) “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel”
  • Plastic bottles are forbidden in Machupicchu Park, bring: aluminum bottle, Camelbak, Nalgene bottle, etc.
  • Waterproof jacket/rain Poncho (depends on weather conditions)
  • Warm jacket “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel “
  • T-shirts / Comfortable trousers / Sun hat
  • Windbreaker (depends on weather conditions).
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended), Sun hat, sun glasses
  • Personal medication “Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel “
  • Camera with extra batteries


Private tour
*We do not add other people in our group.

  • 2 ppl group US$ 885.00 p/person.
  • 3 ppl group US$ 790.00 p/person.
  • 4 ppl group US$ 740.00 p/person.
  • 5 ppl group US$ 700.00 p/person.
  • 6 ppl group US$ 645.00 p/person.
  • 7 ppl group US$ 600.00 p/person.
  • 8 ppl group US$ 575.00 p/person.
  • 9 ppl group US$ 545.00 p/person.
  • 10 ppl group US$ 520.00 p/person.
  • 11 ppl group US$ 505.00 p/person.
  • 12 ppl group US$ 490.00 p/person.
  • 13 ppl group US$ 475.00 p/person.
  • 14 ppl group US$ 470.00 p/person.
  • 15 ppl group US$ 465.00 p/person.
  • 16 ppl group US$ 455.00 p/person.
  • 17 ppl group US$ 445.00 p/person.
  • 18 ppl group US$ 440.00 p/person.
  • 19 ppl group US$ 425.00 p/person.
  • 20 ppl group US$ 415.00 p/person.

*Student discounts applies to students holding a valid Green ISIC card. “$ 40 off per person”

Please note: Hotels are not included. Book your hotels in the following order

Day 1: Cusco Overnight
Day 2: Cusco Overnight
Day 3: Cusco overnight
Day 4: Aguas Calientes village overnight
Day 5: Cusco Overnight
Day 6: Out of Cusco

Hotels Information

Kondor Path Tours HOW TO BOOK

Discovering Machu Picchu Tour Travel 6 Days ” WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED without a completed booking form and deposit sent to kondorpathtours@gmail.com. There is a $250 per person deposit needed. All deposits are fully non-refundable. We accept payments through PayPal which will incur a 6% merchant fee paid by the traveler, we will email you your booking invoice and confirmation once your information and deposit are received.



The amount to deposit to reserve and secure your space is specified according to the number of customers “We accept payments through PayPal which will incur a 6% merchant fee paid by the traveler”


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Discovering Machu Picchu 6 Day

Programed Departures

Depart. Date Group size Avail. Tour

Trip Details

Duration: 6 Day and 5 Night
Sites to visit: Qoricancha and Cusco Cathedral, Rumipunko, Pikillacta, Tipon, Chinchero – Textiles, Cusco City Tour “4 Incas Sites”, Moray, Salineras with Trek, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu Tour
Tour Style: Archeological, Cultural and Ecological
Recommended group size: Minimum 2 People, Maximum 22 people
Highlight: Private guide for a more personalized experience, enjoyable and historical places on earth, and Amazing mountain scenery
Location: Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu
Physical Level: 6 Day and 5 Night
Total Travel Distance: Easy / Moderate walking distance of the many historical sites
Departures: Any day with two people
Recommended age for the tour: You must be 18 to travel unaccompanied on a Kondor Path Tour. For minors travelling with a guardian over 21 years old, the minimum age is 5