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Machu Picchu visitor restrictions 2017

Machu Picchu visitor restrictions 2017 – visitors, tourists, tour guides and anyone else regardless of his or her condition. As set out in Article 19 of the Ministerial Resolution, here are the general visitor rules for Machu Picchu!


  1. To carry backpacks, or bags of more than 40x35x20 cm. Those that exceed this size / capacity must be deposited in the wardrobe.
  2. Enter with food and utensils.
  3. Enter with any illegal substance or its effects.
  4. Enter with any type of alcoholic beverage or in ethyl state.
  5. To carry umbrellas. (Caps, hats and raincoats are allowed). To carry tripods, supports or extensions for cameras, cell phones or any other element of stabilization or extension for filming and / or photography, unless authorized by the DDC Cusco.
  6. Enter with animals, except for guide dogs when strictly necessary.
  7. Enter with any type of aerosols.
  8. Enter with any type of musical instrument, megaphone or speakers.
  9. Use virtual applications with cell phones or mobile devices in narrow arteries, trails and congestion sites (use of these technologies is allowed only in large spaces and areas of explanation).
  10. Enter with high heel shoes or hard-sole shoes (only shoes or sneakers with soft or rubber sole).
  11. Access with baby cars (only accessible with baby carriers that do not have metal frames).
  12. Enter with sharps and / or weapons of any kind.
  13. Enter flags, or posters among other objects of this type (the use of flags will be exclusive to tour guides with groups greater than five visitors and will be limited to the model and dimensions presented by the competent
  14. authority in coordination with the respective guilds).
  15. To cause tumult, jumping, or generating disorder in the access of Machu Picchu and / or at any point inside the same, this with respect to the organization and displacement of the groups of visitors.
  16. Enter with clothing intended for advertising purposes. Climbing or leaning on walls and / or structures.
  17. Touching, moving or extracting lithic elements. Perform any type of graffiti.
  18. Disturbing, collecting or extracting native flora or fauna and / or cultural elements.
  19. To carry out activities that distort the sacred character of Machu Picchu; Such as fashion shows, dances and social engagements, ceremonies of any kind, portable seating, among others.
  20. Enter with walking poles with metallic or hard tip (it is allowed the use of walking poles for elderly people or with obvious physical incapacity, as long as they have a rubber tips).
  21. Perform any type of activity that implies deterioration of Machu Picchu, its natural environment and / or facilities.
  22. Obscene acts contrary to morality and good manners “Machu Picchu Visitor Restrictions 2017”
  23. Undress, disguise, lie down, run and / or jump.
  24. Make loud or annoying noises such as clapping, shouting, whistling, singing, among others, because they disturb the tranquility and sacredness of Machu Picchu.
  25. Smoking or vapear.
  26. Perform any kind of fire.
  27. Dispose of waste of any kind.
  28. Failure to respect established circuits and routes.
  29. Outpatient commerce in Machu Picchu and surrounding area until Ruinas Bridge.
  30. Feed the domestic and wild animals of Machu Picchu.
  31. Fly over with paragliding, drones, or any type of small craft [Machu Picchu Visitor Restrictions 2017]
  32. Photographing for advertising purposes or in places of high risk.
  33. Illegal entry to Machu Picchu by routes not permitted.
prohibitions during the visit of machu picchu 2017

prohibitions during the visit of machu picchu 2017

Breach of provisions

Failure to comply with the provisions of these regulations will result in the expulsion of the visitor from Machupicchu, without the right to refund the amount of the ticket. The DDC Cusco under objective criteria and considering the seriousness of the infraction will initiate the corresponding legal actions.

In the event that tour guides violate the provisions of these regulations, it will determine it by DIRCETUR / CUSCO to evaluate the beginning of a sanctioning procedure, according to the infraction committed. For which it will be governed by the provisions of Law No. 28868, Law that empowers the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism to criminalize regulatory offenses in the provision of tourist services and qualification of lodging establishments and establishes the sanctions and, to its Regulation approved by Supreme Decree No. 007-2007-MINCETUR [Machu Picchu Visitor Restrictions 2017].

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