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Inca Trail Regulations

Inca Trail Regulations Trekking Company

Overview of Regulations

From 1996 to 2001, 1,500 people start the Classic Inca Trail each day, including 1000 tourists from around the World, and 500 indigenous porters, were hiking the Inca Road beginning at Km 88 of the railway. There were not any regulations so many hikers had camps along the Inca trail wherever they wanted to, including the Inca ruins. The sites were not only used for camping but as toilets and rubbish disposal places.

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The UNESCO was almost ready to remove the Inca Trail status as a World Heritage, in order to protect the Inca trail. The Peruvian government introduced new Inca trail Regulations since 2002, and it seems to be the best decision. These regulations restrict the number of hikers, and prevent hikers from independently trekking the trail. Also before 2002, some tour operators did not treat the Andean porters fairly, sometimes  not providing adequate food and equipment, Inca Trail tours failing to provide humane working conditions.

New Inca Trail Regulation 2005

In 2005, the number of hikers permitted to start the Inca trail was limited to 500 hikers per day! This total is made up of 200 tourists and 300 porters on the Inca trail path for 2 “Short Inca Trail 2 Days” and 4 day hikes. The Peruvian authorities should be praised for their progressive stance on successfully protecting the Inca road for future generations. Additionally, a few years ago, the Peruvian government limited the number of visitors to Machu Picchu to 2,500 people per day.

Inca Trail Tour Trekkers arrive very early in the morning to view a spectacular sunrise in this magical land of the Incas, and to get into Machu Picchu before the crowds that arrive by train Inca Trail. The Inca road is part of Machu Picchu Sanctuary and is a protected area managed by the Peru government. The rules of the Machu Picchu park are enforced and only authorized campsites are used by every tour operator.

Procedural Rules That Must Be Followed

Payment of entrance fees:

The only valid document granting the right to hike into the Inca net road “Machupicchu Historical Sanctuary ” is the ticket issued by the INC PERU. This ticket is personal and non-transferable, and includes the entrance fee to Machu Picchu Park. There is no reimbursement of payment under any circumstance.


Inca Trail Regulations Trekking Company

Inca Trail Tour Reservations:

Reservations are made by INC in Cuzco city, including the confirmation with corresponding reservation code. The reservation is subject to the daily capacity set by the government: 500 people, including guides, porters, and hikers. Therefore, Kondor Path Tours recommends that you  reserve your place far in advance!

Kondor Path Tours needs some information from every client in order to obtain the entrance permits. Please send us your full name, passport number, age, and nationality, for the government authorities, INC and UGM. A valid International student green identification card is acceptable for a student discount on the entrance fee.

Inca Trail Regulations Trekking Company


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