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Inca Trail hiking Prohibitions are based on strict statements that all tourist must comply. These regulations were made in order to protect the environment, and reduce deterioration of the place because of the excessive visits. The document given by the Management Unit of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu “UGM” is the only one that assures the payment for Right of Use of the Network of Inca Trails to Machu Picchu via km 82 and km 104, and it includes the entrance to Machu Picchu. Peru government recommend making reservations in advance because there are a limit number of trekkers on the Inca Trail tour “500 per day including hikers, official guides, assistant guides, cooks and porters”.

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Inca Trail hiking Prohibitions to follow

In order to guarantee the physical integrity of tourists and the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Nation, in the Inca Trail Network of the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu, the following behaviors are prohibited, according to the sectoral competencies of each entity:

  • Entry of free tourists and / or service providers without the respective authorization.
  • Displacement by rail and / or unauthorized routes.
  • Entry of minors not listed in the annex, as well as relatives of guides and / or support staff.
  • Alter or contaminate the natural and / or cultural landscape, as well as archaeological monuments.
  • Camping or spending the night outside the assigned camp-except in situations of force majeure upon determination of the park and / or caretaker staff.
  • Enter and / or use elements that threaten the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage, as well as the assets of public use.
  • Making bonfires in the Inca Trail Network, in the archaeological monuments and / or surrounding areas of the natural environment.
  • Climb the walls; make strokes on the floors of earth and / or scratches on the archaeological monuments.
  • Make any type of graffiti “Inca Trail hiking Prohibitions”
  • Disturb and / or affect species of flora and fauna.
  • Fly over and / or use airspace without prior authorization from DDC-CUSCO and JSHM-SERNANP.
  • The food intake inside the archaeological monuments.
  • Place political and commercial ads on the Inca Trail Network.
  • Transit and work in an ethyl state or under the effects of other narcotic drugs (drugs among others).
  • Entry and transit of motor vehicles [Inca Trail hiking Prohibitions].
  • Make transfers of tourists from one group to another.
  • The abandonment of the group of tourists by the tourism guide and / or Bachelor in tourism.
  • Obscene acts contrary to morality and good manners.
inca trail hiking regulations

inca trail hiking regulations

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