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Porters on the Inca Trail

Porters on the Inca Trail

Porters are farmers from the high Andes Mountains. They use rustic instruments for farming, and only some families are lucky to have modern equipment. They start in the early years and finish around 62 years old.

W give them our unconditional support as they work on the Inca Trail. Porters can carry 20 kg for four days. Only people from the countryside can physically do this, so all carriers must be farmers. The porters present their national identity documents to register every year in December.

Treat your carrier well.

We are a serious and responsible company and treat our porters well.

Good treatment to the porters.

We leave very early from Cusco city and go towards Ollantaytambo village, the first stop. The chief Porter has a Romana (an instrument for weighing cargo kilos).

After attending our customer’s “lunch place,” our porters prepare their nutritious lunch on the first-day hike. They have their cook apart from the main cook for foreign travelers.

All our porters on Inca Trail have comprehensive insurance and medical attention if needed.

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